Employee Spotlight: Jorge Alicea

Today we are shining a spotlight on Jorge Alicea.  Jorge is a diligent and upstanding worker.  He is grateful to have this opportunity and we are so grateful to have such a motivated worker on our team.  He started his housekeeping position as a contract worker and has been such an asset to his employer that they wanted to bring him on full time.  His coworkers speak highly of him and we know we are lucky to have him.  Jorge is just another great example of an excellent Puerto Rican worker, excelling in his chosen industry because of his hard work.

Employee Spotlight – Jasmine Sepulveda

Jasmine Sepulveda transitioned from her role as a entry level housekeeper to a leading dispatcher. Good Labor staffed her at a Wisconsin resort in 2019 and she now works full time for that same resort on their payroll! Her hard work and determination is one of the many amazing attributes of that Puerto Rican workers possess. Jasmine enjoys working in the hotel and hospitality industry and she looks to grow her career further into a front desk or leadership position. Jasmine is one of the many Good Labor success stories in the hospitality industry, and we are excited to watch her career blossom. Keep up the great work Jasmine!